Excellence Through Arts

We, the Oklahoma Alliance for Arts Education, an affiliate of the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network, believe that the study of the arts is important to the basic education of all students to ensure that students experience, understand and value the arts.

We believe that when students experience the creative arts process, they learn new skills and knowledge that can result in learning and benefits in other areas of their lives and will assist them as they grow to be contributing citizens of a diverse society. Learning in the arts encourages the development of cognitive and creative abilities that help students achieve academically and promotes the development of skills necessary for a lifetime of learning including self-discipline, creative problem-solving, collaborative teamwork, and critical thinking.

An education in the arts promotes the development of individuals to be motivated, discerning, knowledgeable, and involved members of their communities.

Mayor’s Art Star Award

Mayor Dewey Bartlett

Winners of State Superintendents Awards 2014

Mayor’s Art Star Awards


Saturday, August 16 2014

Annual Retreat

All Members

10:00 a.m. until 1:15 p.m

Saturday August 16th

Territory Cellars, Stroud